Area of application


PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL® INTERNATIONAL (Paris) has been creating non-woven non-flammable materials for 120 years, which are used with great success in the design of the exhibition spaces. Unique properties of materials DropPaper®, DropJet®, DropNet®, Kraft Drop®, Smoke out®, their lightness of 60-80 gr/m2, non-flammable qualities, high light transmittance have already made them the hits of the European exhibition industry.  Quick installation technologies, lightweight assembled and disassembled constructions: mobile partitions Pipe&Drop®, Kubus for expositions, folding Honeycomb tables, “Honeycomb bar” reception tables, 3D walls Honeycomb modules®; impressive DropStripe® ceiling structures, light walls, columns and Lighted Drop® banners - all of these are novelty products, indisputable "hits" in organization of exhibition spaces, give a unique look, and allow transforming it according to the tasks even during the exhibition itself in a few minutes!


The properties of DropPaper®, its lightness, translucency and non-flammable qualities allow it to be used in offices and to realize the most daring design ideas. The advantages of the non-flammable DropPaper® material over paper and fabric are obvious: it does not crumple like paper and is not flammable, it holds its shape well and has excellent translucency, its edge does not require hemming and the material itself has a distinctive texture. We will implement the brightest ideas in the decoration and design of office space. The ceiling systems Honeycomb® and DropLamellae®, will impress not only you but also your clients, creating a favorable working atmosphere, quick mounting partitions Pipe&Drop®, Honeycomb® will find better ergonomic solutions for express-zoning of the office workspace or meeting rooms!

Restaurants and cafes

What are the advantages of non-flammable Drop Paper® compared to fabric? Firstly, it is lightweight, secondly, it is translucent, has a beautiful texture, but it retains its shape and does not crumple like paper, thirdly, its edges do not need hemming, its cut is always clean and even, and finally, it is non-flammable!  Therefore, today Drop Paper® can be rightfully considered the best design non-flammable material for the interior design of restaurants, cafes and bars! From non-combustible DropPaper® we can create exclusive light ceiling structures Paralume®, LightDrop®, DropSripe®, which will make the interior of your restaurant unique and incredibly expressive.

With Vange® furniture you can create easily transformable seating areas in cafes and bars.  Vange® vandal-proof furniture folds up and takes minimal storage space, but it’s also a striking design object in the interior of your bar, cafe or restaurant.

Galleries and museums

The decoration of large open spaces in a museum or, on the contrary, the walls of a historic building, the halls of an art gallery requires, that on the one hand nothing should distract visitors' eyes from the main participant of events - the exposition, and on the other hand, it should fill the space with the desired atmosphere, set the necessary tone. Here the noble texture of the material, the play of light and shadow are very important, so the exposition materials printed on non-flammable canvas New Cotton®, or translucent material Drop Paper®, ceiling structures Drop Gondola® are the best way to create the creating the essence of the space and form appropriate emotions in the design of exhibitions and expositions in museums and galleries.

Shopping centers

Modern shopping centers are atriums and arches, many kilometers of open spaces that require regular changes in seasonal design. For atriums and arches a great solution is using of Drop Gondola® and Drop Lamellae® designs, which combine bright power of aesthetic expression combined with incredible lightness, impressive Lighted Drop® and LightModules® sizes will not let the visitors leave the mall without shopping, a new product Patchwork® - design "puzzle", new way of zoning from separate Drop Paper elements.

PEUGEOT is a long-standing supporter of the use of "Chenel methods" in the design of its showrooms. Stylish, fresh ideas of paper design are compatible with the dynamic forms of modern cars in the most reciprocal way.

The ability to print images on Drop Paper® combined with its translucency and rich texture make it the best non-flammable material for walls in boutiques, clothing and shoe stores, etc. You can place any information for your customers on it, about events or promotions, using the Drop Paper® material not only as an information medium but as a real design element.


Transforming an old industrial building into a trendy disco party or completely changing the image of a famous restaurant for a wedding or anniversary celebration, preparing a conference room for a new product launch, in just a few days may be very important. And what could be better than masking high ceilings with exposed utilities Honeycomb ceiling® in a few hours, or creating private or lounge areas with quick-mounted partitions Pipe&Drop®, or organizing a lecture hall or lounge with folding benches and footstools with Vange honeycomb structure, or organizing a buffet on a 6-meter table Honeycomb serpantine®, just taking it from the briefcase.

DropPaper® materials - folding partitions, tables and footstools, masking ceilings are made in the factory PROCÉDÉS CHÉNÉEL® INTERNATIONAL (Paris) and they are the unquestionable hit in the design of spaces and areas for important meetings, events or celebrations. Availability of a set of products from the range has definite advantages for event agencies: minimum storage space, versatility and reusability, aesthetic vibrancy. Customers will rightfully appreciate your work!


Discover the amazing opportunities of window decoration with non-woven non-flammable materials and products by PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL INTERNATIONAL (Paris).

Extraordinary texture, wide palette of colors, high light transmittance, material that you can draw and print on, that you can crumple and fold into amazing shapes and you can do origami with.

From assembled products, such as Honeycomb® honeycomb partitions or Pipe&Drop® screens, you can "reshape" the space of showcases as you wish.
The unique properties of the material will emphasize the advantages of your product and open limitless possibilities for attracting the attention of the customers.
Non-flammable properties make it safe to use.

Showcases, decorated in our way, will not leave anyone unmoved!


No secret that hotels impose great demands on the design of not only their rooms, but everything else as well. And the scale of the property is not as important, compared to the task of giving originality to the space for guests!

Therefore, it is important to give special charm to common areas of the hotels: halls, reception area, lobby bar, restaurants and conference halls. As a rule, the designer needs to find original solutions for both large-sized rooms and small ones. Ceiling heights can be either too high or not high enough.

With our non-flammable materials of French production, you can develop and implement the most original design solutions in the design of ceilings of hotels! And it doesn't matter if it's a famous chain hotel or a small regional guesthouse - we will help to find an interesting and affordable solution for everyone!

With our "paper architecture" technology, you can create safe and beautiful ceilings for any room configuration in your projects. All materials have a KM1 fire safety certificate.