PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL® INTERNATIONAL (Paris), has developed ceiling space design technologies using DropPaper® non-flammable materials: the perfect geometry of Drop Stripe® suspended ceilings, the spectacular masking of stretch ceilings with Honeycomb® and Smoke out® and 3D smoke out® translucent safety stretch ceilings, the lightness of Drop Gondola® volume solutions and the light masking of Paralume®.

The advantage of using "Chenel methods" in the design of the ceiling space is the technological ease of installation, its "invisibility" and the fact that such a non-flammable ceiling, meets all the necessary requirements of fire safety.


Effective room zoning solutions Honeycomb®, Patchwork® and LaserDrop® design methods for walls in showrooms, offices and exhibitions, Pipe&Drop® quick partition installation technologies, their mobility together with high variability and reusability will all make your projects bright, expressive and highly functional! In 2010 Pipe&Drop® partitions were used by Paola Navone during the Moscow Design Week to create the Flower Lounge in the Provision warehouses.
The tradition of their use was continued in the Lounge area of the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val during the Moscow Design Week 2011.

Non-flammable qualities of the materials confirmed by the Russian fire safety certificate allows you to use them without restrictions in the interiors of any purpose.

Lighting constructions

The translucency of DropPaper® refractory material combined with rich texture allows you to create any designer lighting fixtures and lighting structures, combining originality and the necessary functionality.

Decorative pendant and floor lightboxes: lights, banners, columns and backlit partitions, bold shapes and impressive sizes, are made to order in Moscow.

NEW! The Light Modules aesthetics of grandeur - first presented at the Equip Hotel 2012, Paris.


Have you ever seen an exhibition table with a diameter of 2.6 m, folding into a volume of 0.1 m3, which can be easily carried and moved in space? And the folding bench made of propylene with a honeycomb structure K-bench, which can hold four adults or 400 kg of weight, and the reception desk, which can be assembled in 5 minutes by one person and fits into a box measuring 0.4x04x0.2 m?  Honeycomb table® furniture, Bar Honeycomb® Modules and Vange furniture will not leave you and your customers indifferent!


A luxurious solution for space decoration during presentations, shows and EVENTs.
Arches, entrances, decorations of private zones, all available in any size, shape and color.
There are limitless possibilities for the realization of the most daring ideas!

Art objects

Non-flammable paper DropPaper ® is the ideal material for origami! According to the Director of the Origami Club, Member of the Central Board of the Society "Russia-Japan" Roman Sviridov, Drop Paper perfectly holds its shape, so it is interesting and easy to work with, creating any compositions for the design of a wedding, interior or store window.

Green Line

Devotion to the principles of environmental responsibility lies in the basis of the Green Line collection: trees with summer and autumn leaves, Christmas trees, floral garlands, incredible Christmas lights, all these elements of the collection will certainly help transform your office or hall in connection with the festive event, a sales area or an exhibition stand in anticipation of the New Year, the interior of the boutique during the change of seasonal collections!