This is a floor lightweight partition made of Drop Paper® non-flammable paper. The Pipe&Drop® partition is also available on request in high strength TYVEK material for increased abrasion resistance and durability.

The screens are available in any 15 standard, 42 optional colors and 3 fluorescent colors. The Pipe&Drop® partition is 2 meters high, 35 cm wide and stretches up to 4.5 meters in length. Comes with two stands at the ends for perfect stability.

The Pipe&Drop® screen can be designed with your logo or slogan. When folded, it has a volume of 0.01 m3! You can have them in any quantity you need, providing you with miles of walls without the need of any special storage space!

Pipe&Drop® partitions are ideal for quick zoning during exhibitions, presentations or events. Thanks to the excellent light transmission of DropPaper® you can add brightness and celebration by placing any light source inside the partition.

The non-flammable qualities of Pipe&Drop® walls are confirmed by the European M1 and Russian fire safety certificates.

The technology is protected by an international copyright patent.



Stylish and easy solution for open air zoning.

Extraordinarily attractive way in the stand design, showroom and sales space. The advantage is that you can always "take the walls" with you if you change the location. The material is stretched on thin cables around the perimeter of the room required for the separation from others. The Honeycomb® partition surface can be straight or curved. Made of DROP Paper® non-flammable paper, available in 15 colors.

The honeycomb partition provides acoustic insulation and is a great way to spread light flow, allowing it to be used for zoning rooms with insufficient natural light.

Produced in three heights: 4 cm; 8 cm; 16 cm.

Factory made in France according to the given dimensions of the room. Lead time is 45-60 calendar days. The non-flammable qualities of honeycomb® partition walls are confirmed by the European M1 and the Russian fire safety certificates.

The technology is protected by an international copyright patent.

Honeycomb Modules

Honeycomb Modules® is a construction set of Honeycomb blocks, 35 cm high, 20 cm wide and 3 m long. A radical new solution for the vertical division, delimitation or zoning of spaces. Perfect opportunity for creating straight or curved partition walls with 3D effect, as you desire!

Honeycomb Modules® offer lightness, simplicity and elegance, good light diffusion and high sound absorption, minimal storage and transportation space, easy installation and reusability.

The Honeycomb partition is based on DropPaper® and is available in 15 standard colors.

The non-flammable qualities of the Honeycomb Modules® material is confirmed by the European M1 and the Russian fire safety certificates. Honeycomb Modules®. The technology is protected by an international copyright patent.

Laser Drop


LaserDrop® is a technology of applying any standard or your personal pattern or on non-flammable DropPaper®. The paper can be white or any other of your choice among 15 standard colors or 42 alacarte colors.

Decorative dividers are another expressive way to further diffuse natural or artificial light and add subtle lightness and sophistication to your interior. A beautiful and fast way to decorate stands, showrooms and retail spaces. The advantage of paper partitions is that you can always "take the walls away" with you if necessary.

Fireproofness of the Laser Drop® partition is confirmed by the European M1 certificate and the Russian fire certificate.

Folded Drop


Zoning with the use of pleated curtains is an original quick way to decorate the interior of showrooms and commercial spaces, exhibitions and lounge areas! They add elegance and sophistication. In collaboration with Laurent Barnavon, Folded Drop based on Drop Paper® was created - these are three models of plisse options: the Borneo, the Kobe design and the Firenze design. It can be available in any 15 standard, 42 optional alasarte.

Standard paper plissé sizes:
1.2 m width
Height 3.00m
Can be made in other sizes at the request of the customer.
Folded Drop is made at the factory by ordering in advance.
Lead time of 45-60 working days.

Non-flammable of Folded Drop® partitions is confirmed by European certificate M1 and Russian fire safety certificate.


Patchwork by Anne-Lise Vernejoul

This is a completely new solution for zoning, decorating and designing spaces. By combining individual Drop Paper elements into a three-dimensional 3D design, we get a simple and elegant solution to delimit the necessary space. Your imagination is limitless! You can arrange any shape in the desired composition, like a puzzle. Beautiful and unusual solution for design and decoration of retail, stage, or exhibition space! The undoubted advantage is the possibility to "take the walls away" with you, or dismantle them, change the picture on the wall by adding a new patch of a different color to the existing ones.

Patch Work - made of Drop Paper, available in 15 standard colors and 42 additional alacarte colors.
The size of one item (patch) is 17x17 cm.
49 elements (patch) are 1 m2.
Fastening to the cable is done by special clamps.

Non-flammable materials Patchwork confirmed by the European M1 and the Russian fire safety certificates.

It is factory made. Lead time of 45-60 calendar days.

PaperBOX – non-flammable cardboard partitions

New super-product made of non-flammable cardboard from Procedes Сhenel International® (Paris): PaperBOX.
PaperBox gold winner of prestigious design and eco-product development awards: German Design Awards 2016, Fokus Open 2015 and Winner2015.

PaperBOX is a zoning system, assembled from cardboard non-flammable blocks of size 55x30x38 cm (length - width (depth) - height). Blocks can be type Window – through and type Full – closed. It is also possible to install panels inclined at 30° in the horizontal plane inside each block of product presentation or display of materials. These "VIP" - places can be designed with LED-lighting! You will not see a single wire or bulb. The system is unique. There are no visible connecting elements. However, the PaperBOX is assembled like a child's construction set. The PaperBOX is completely rigid and can be used for exhibitions and events, but also as a store window, or as a room divider for the office! This cardboard zoning system is absolutely safe to use, as it has a European M1 certificate. Last but not least, you can also have the PaperBox stools, which are strong and can support the weight of an adult up to 95 kg.

The PaperBOX is available in black and white or with your logo or any other desired print.

Delivery time 60 calendar days.

Vandal resistant partitions DropNet®

Made of 100% polyester - translucent mesh with a fine structure, which perfectly transmits both daylight and artificial light.

Any type of printing is possible, with the print on one side being viewable on the reverse side as well.

Partitions can be up to 180 cm in height and unlimited seamless length. If greater heights are required, stiffening ribs must be provided for every 180 cm in length.

In order to achieve any desired shape, it is necessary to design and construct an additional plastic or aluminium frame.

The material has a non-flammable class of KM1.

Create a perfect space for yourself with DropNet®