Art objects


ORIGAMI: Inspired by Childhood

The advantages of non-flammable Drop Paper® over fabric are obvious: it is lightweight and translucent, has a beautiful texture, yet maintains its shape and does not crumple like paper, its edges don’t need hemming, its cut is always clean and even, it is non-flammable, and HOLDS “THE FOLD” PERFECTLY

Therefore, today Drop Paper® can be considered the best design non-flammable material for origami. Unique volumetric shapes, such as animals and birds, created from DropPaper ®, will make the interior of your space: restaurant, cafe or bar, the store or boutique window bright, unusual and attractive! You will not be left unnoticed!

Projects to create origami from DropPaper ® of any shape and size you need, are created in partnership with the ORIGAMI club and the society Russia-Japan.


Unique properties of non-flammable Drop Paper® - translucency, lightness, rich texture, ability to "HOLD STRUCTURE" make it a material for unlimited creativity of designers and decorators. Our company always has leftovers and scraps of material which you can experiment with to create design objects, such as designer lights and designer paper flowers: roses, chrysanthemums, camellias, lilies, peonies, etc.!

You can decorate wedding hall, theater stage, the walls of a boutique or store, exhibition booth with paper flowers. Exquisite delicate and translucent paper flowers from Drop Paper will complement your interior with incredible tenderness and exquisite beauty.

Jellyfish - the beauty of the underwater world!

With the team of Paper Design you can create the atmosphere of a breathtaking warm ocean breeze, convey the mood of an amazing underwater world, filled with bright colors, unusual shapes, in constant motion.... Diameter of products is 33 cm and 140 cm, the cost depends on the number of items in the order. Paper jellyfish are made of non-flammable Drop Paper 60 material.

Handmade designer Christmas trees

Paper Design together with Procedes Chenel offers you a new, absolutely unique and unexpected solution for stores and shopping centers New Year decoration - Christmas trees from non-flammable paper. But this is not just any paper, but an incredibly light and beautiful non-woven Drop Paper 60 material, which is produced in the factory in the heart of France - Paris and has a Russian Fire Safety Certificate. This material combines all the best: the eco-friendliness of paper and the texture of fabric. Paper Christmas trees can be openwork, light, transparent, luminous, soft or the opposite - geometric "origami". shapes

Designer Christmas trees can be a height of 120 to 165 cm. On individual request we can produce them at a height of 2.5 meters. Fluorescent tube or, a more expensive option, LED strip is used in their production.

Height 160 cm, color white, lamp type: fluorescent tube/LED strip

Height 160 cm, color - white + white openwork shirt, Lamp type: fluorescent tube/LED strip

Height 160 cm, color: white + openwork colored shirt, Lamp type: fluorescent tube/LED strip 

Height 120 cm, color - white, cone-shaped, Lamp type: fluorescent lamp/LED strip 

*Additional discounts are possible for quantities of 10 and more

Do not hesitate to call us! There's not much time left before the New Year.