Lighting constructions

Lighted Drop

Lighted banners and structures made of non-flammable Drop Paper® material

You won’t go unnoticed!
The translucency combined with the rich texture of DropPaper®, made it a favorite in the manufacture of any light structures.
Decorative pendant and floor products: design paper lights, non-flammable banners, columns and partitions with illumination of bold shapes and impressive sizes are made to order in Moscow.
Available in 15 standard, 42 additional alacarte and 3 fluorescent colors.
The material is suitable for all printing techniques, as well as openwork cutting - all this will make it possible to create completely new and original handmade author's fixtures for interiors and events.
The non-flammable qualities of LightedDrop® are confirmed by the European M1 and Russian fire certificate

Light Column


The Light Column by PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL is a transparent PVC light structure with internal illumination.
You can use it as a single luminous element or by combining several elements, you can get a new solution for delimiting or zoning spaces - luminous walls!
The internal image is made separately, on DropPaper® and its replacement, depending on the purpose of the events, makes it possible to use Light Column an unlimited number of times.
When assembled, the Light Column takes up minimal space.
Available sizes: 0.5x2m, 0.6x2.35m and a miniature 0.3x0.35m.
Delivery time - 45-60 calendar days.

Light Modules


Light Modules is a groundbreaking design for impressive lighting of temporary and permanent spaces. The original Light Modules ceiling luminaire embodies the architecture of an infinite number of 3D exposures in the ceiling space.
The design consists of an aluminum frame, available in three sizes: 800x800 cm, 550x550 cm and 300x300 cm.
The Light Modules system is attached directly to the ceiling or can be suspended from the ceiling on thin cables.
If desired, the height and shape of each module made of DropPaper® can be varied.
The use of DropPaper® provides a soft diffusion of light in the interior. The surface of the DropPaper® modules can be used as a promotional medium, with any pattern or print.
The suspended paper Light Modules are a great option for the design of stands, atriums of shopping centers, spaces for business meetings and symposiums.

Stretch Drop


The StretchDrop is an internally illuminated element made of a prefabricated aluminium structure and covered with a replaceable StretchDrop® image.

The reusability, combined with the replacement of the outer coating when printed and minimal storage volumes, making it an indispensable element for exhibition spaces.

The non-flammable qualities of StretchDrop® are confirmed by the European M1 and Russian fire safety certificates.

The aluminum structure is made according to the desired dimensions in France.

Delivery time - 45-60 calendar days.

Honeycomb Fruits - Juicy fruit lampshades made of Drop Paper!

Juicy, colorful Honeycomb Fruits were presented for the first time at ArchMoscow2014!  Pears, apples, tangerines and strawberries, you just want to pick and eat them!
Time of installation - 1 minute! Can be used with pendant, table and floor lights.
Available in any of the suggested 15 standard colors in three sizes: 40, 50 and 60 cm high. Other sizes on request. Honeycomb Fruits paper luminaires are a non-standard bright solution for decorating the interiors of bars, restaurants, cafes and other spaces and commercial facilities, as well as in your home.

DAIZY and MARGARITA - honeycomb lamps

Based on Honeycomb, the Daizy and Margarita Light with its honeycomb structure made of Drop Paper, a non-flammable non-woven fabric, is a true masterpiece because it embodies the essence of its design, simultaneously taking on the role of an art object and amazing you with the scale of its image.

Standard sizes: diameters: 0.5 m, 0.8 m and 1 m.  Available in a palette of 15 standard colors.
Available in 1.5m, 2m and 3m diameters on request.
Margarita Light only available in 1.5m diameter.
Comes fully equipped.

Honeycomb® art light

The possibilities of honeycomb structure fascinate, surprise, inspire designers from all over the world to create amazing art objects.
That is why we present you an example of an amazing new experiment from our colleagues CosaLite from Singapore..... We lack the words to express our admiration for the result and we are sure that a similar example of using Honeycomb® in a new form and in combination with light, will inspire you, and we will help make your idea come true!

Paralume Light®


Much more than just's a large-scale art object that will always be the focal point of any interior or event.