Honeycomb Arch decorative arch

HoneycombArch is a module form of Honeycomb® partition. The Honeycomb Arch is a deluxe solution for decorating spaces for weddings, presentations, shows and events. 1-meter-wide Honeycomb® strips are stretched on a metal frame, made in the factory to the specific measurements.

Very quick and easy to assemble!

When assembled, the Honeycomb Paper Arch requires virtually no space.

Available in 15 standard and 42 additional alacarte DropPaper® colors.
The non-flammable qualities of HoneycombArch are confirmed by the European M1 and Russian Safety Fire Certificates.

DropPaper Arch

DropPaper ARCH- an arch made of Drop Paper® non-flammable paper.

Another extremely impressive way of decorating exhibitions with DropPaper®, CristalDrop®. Any color from the alacarte palette and any prints can be used! An excellent choice for entrance areas or lounge areas at trade fairs, events and public interiors.

Non-flammable qualities DropPaper Arch are confirmed by European M1 and Russian Fire Safety Certificate.