Vange furniture is the famous work of Charles Kaisin, inspired by his experience in Japan.

K-bench is a folding bench with a honeycomb structure, made of polypropylene, takes any desired shape, can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is 43 cm high and can be stretched up to 2.5 m in length.
It can bear weight of up to 400 kg at a time.
By combining several elements of K-bench, you can create unique Lounge-zones, changing the seating arrangements in seconds!
Available in black, white, blue and pink colors.

K-baby is the "little" brother of K-bench and it has a fixed round shape. With a height of 40 cm and a diameter of 56 cm, it can serve as a table or a footstool.
The small dimeter and light weight of K-baby makes it easy to carry indoors.

The original K-bench and footstools K-baby are perfect for the interior of the exhibition, an additional plus is that when folded, they occupy a volume equal to the volume of two printed furniture catalogues!
Produced in Belgium. Delivery time is up to 90 calendar days.

Table Honeycomb

A lightweight and foldable table made with Drop Paper® with a polycarbonate coating in any color!
When folded, the table has a volume of 0.05m3.
Express assembly in 1 minute!
Non-flammable properties of DropPaper® material allow to use the table with internal illumination!
Available in any 15 standard colors.
Honeycomb®TABLE is an indispensable solution for exhibition stands, presentations, events.

  • 3 diameters: 2.60m,1.20m,0.60m
  • 3 heights: 80 cm,60 cm,40 cm

Can be made round and also available in modular honeycomb forms:
Honeycomb serpantine - width 70 and 140 cm and desired length from 1 meter to infinity.
Made on request. Delivery - within 45-60 calendar days
The non-flammable qualities of Honeycomb®TABLE is confirmed by the European M1 and Russian Fire Safety certificates.
The Honeycomb®Table technology is protected by international copyright.

Honeycomb Modules Bar

Honeycomb®Modules Bar is a bar table or reception table made of DropPaper® blocks with a honeycomb structure.
Standard sizes: height 1.1 m, length 1.5 m and width 0.4 m.
The exhibition table is assembled of blocks on a metal base like a construction set.
Polycarbonate cover is placed on top.
Occupies 0,1m3 when assembled

Made on the basis of DropPaper®, it is available in 15 standard and 42 additional alacarte colorsThe non-flammable qualities of Honeycomb®Modules are confirmed by the European M1 and Russian fire safety certificates.

It is manufactured at the factory in France. Delivery period is within 40 calendar days.


Amazing and easy! Designer footstools - in 1 minute and you can create a full-fledged sitting chair or a table for exhibition! Height 28, 35, 42 cm, diameter 43 cm.  Decorative folding TABOURETS are available in 4 colors: black, white, kraft and red! The footstool can support a weight of 300 kg!  You get a discount on purchases of 5 or more!