Fireproof DropPaper® is the most versatile non-woven non-flammable material for the decoration of exhibition stands and interiors of offices, restaurants, galleries, shopping centers and showrooms.

The material is used for the production of Pipe&Drop® partitions, folding furniture with honeycomb structure Honeycontable®, suspended decorative ceilings DropStripe®, DropGondola® and light banners LightDrop.

Non-flammable properties of DropPaper are confirmed by the European certificate M1 and the Russian Fire Safety Certificate.

Produced in rolls in length of 25, 50, 100, 250 m, width 2,40 m
Density: 60 gr/m²
Composition: natural cellulose with small additions of polyester and fiberglass
Accommodates all types of printing, including UV
Resistant to mechanical damage
15 standard colors


DropPaper alacarte® non-woven, non-flammable, 60 g/m2, 1.5 m wide. This non-flammable paper is a prime example of modern materials for interior design, ceiling and wall decoration, production of colored ceiling lamellas.

Additionally, there is a choice of 42 colors
Minimum order length from 25 m
14 days for factory fabrication additional.


FluoDrop® - material in fluorescent colors only, based on Drop Paper®. Ideal for light banners, boxes.

Non-flammable, confirmed by the European certificate M1 and Russian certificate.

The density of 60gr/m2.
Rolls in length of 25 and 50 meters
Width 2,40 m

Non-flammable cardboard

KraftDrop® was the most widely used material in Europe in 2012 made from 100% natural cellulose whilst being 100% recyclable. This quality of the material is one of the success factors among European designers and architects. The kraft paper has a natural color with Non-flammable properties verified by the European M1 certificate.

Manufactured in rolls of 50 running meters and a width of 155cm
Density: 130 gr/m2
All types of printing can be used
Resistant to mechanical damage
Light transmission of 10%
Perfect material for exhibition stands designs, looks great in Pipe&Drop screens®


Drop Jet® - a smoother texture effect is achieved by reducing the percentage of fiberglass.

The material is non-flammable, confirmed by the European certificate M1 and the Russian certificate.

Ideal for any type of printing: solvent, inkjet, UV
The best choice for high-quality printing on light banners and walls for exhibition stands decorations.
80 - 88 g/m2
137 -138 gr/m2 and
Width 0.9, 1.27, 1.34, 1.52, 2.40 m
Length in roll: 25, 50, 100, 250 m


DropNet® is a lightweight and transparent textile material
Fire resistance confirmed by the European M1 certificate
Compatible with all types of inks, SOLVENT, INKJET and UV
Excellent for light, transparent zoning, ideal for small interior designs
Thickness180 g/m2
Width of 2 m
Rolls 25 m


New Cotton is a natural white cotton with a texture similar to linen.

The best offer for the decoration of museums, theaters, galleries, boutiques. The fire resistance of the material is confirmed by the European certificate M1.
Thickness 220g/m2
Width 1.5 m
Roll 25 m
100% recyclable material.


Sparkle Drop® metallized material based on non-woven DropPaper® and DropJet®
The color of the metallization can be gold or silver.
Any design or metallization pattern you desire is possible
Fire resistance confirmed by the European M1 and Russian Fire Certificates
The perfect solution if you want to add some shine and glamour to your style. Suitable for interior, wall and ceiling decoration.
Width 1.5 meters.
Length in rolls from 25m


StrongDrop® is a white nonwoven material for all lighting solutions, such as banners and display objects. Mechanically very strong strong material.
Its non-flammable properties are confirmed by European M1 and Russian certificates.
70% polyester, 30% polyamide
Width 2,15 m
Thickness 130g/m2
Rolls 25 m
Suitable for all types of printing: SOLVENT, INKJET, UV


CristalDrop® is a non-flammable DropPaper® based material.
Translucent tracing paper made of 100% cellulose.
Its non-flammable properties are confirmed by European M1 and Russian certificates.
The best choice for the production of design lights from paper, banners, displays, etc.
Density 125 g/m2
The width of the fabric: 1.27 m.
Light transmittance of 80%.
Suitable for all types of printing
100% recyclable material


Ferrari non-flammable fabrics are micro-perforated, single-color or pearlescent fabrics, with or without prints.  Ferrari fabrics have exceptional aesthetic qualities and increased abrasion resistance.
Ferrari non-flammable material is the ideal solution for decorating exteriors and interiors of hotels and restaurants with safe fabrics.
Fire resistance of the fabric is confirmed by the European certificate M1

DECOMESH 331: 340 g/m2
DECOMESH 221: 250 g/m2
DECOLIT® 251: 325 g/m2


This is a sub-type of non-woven DropPaper® with factory perforated circular holes of approximately 30% of total volume. The material has all the properties of Drop Paper® - translucent, lightweight and ideal for use in decorative ceiling systems, light structures, partitions and banners.

Available in white and black.
Weight of material: 60 gr/m2
Width in roll: 1m 60 cm
Minimum supply: 25 pm


This new non-flammable nonwoven material is an amazing find for all creative persons, designers and architects! The idea is as follows. We splash water on the back of the material and ... We stick it on walls or any other surface! Then we arm ourselves with brushes, paints, sprays and ... work wonders: we draw, paint, paint and get the walls of our dreams!

It is also possible to print any image, and then, splashing it with water, fix it on the wall!

DYEBASE, sublimation and latex printing are used for transferring the image on the material.
Weight of material 167 gr per m2
Width in roll: 1m 20 cm
Minimum supply: 25 m