Paper Design® - is a pioneer in the development of "event design" in Russia and the continuer of 120 years of tradition and technology in the design of spaces, exhibitions, retail, commercial centers and special events.

Paper Design® is the exclusive representative in Russia and the CIS countries of PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL® INTERNATIONAL (Paris), which creates non-woven non-flammable materials, as well as furniture and accessories made using the same materials. Non-flammable products are extremely popular in Europe, America, it is used in their projects by designers of international fame. For example, in 2010 Paola Navone used Pipe&Drop® partitions to create the Flower Lounge in the Provision warehouses at Moscow Design Week.  The unique materials, which do not burn and allow you to create completely unusual architectural forms and compositions, have been implemented with great success in Europe and now also in Russia.

Architecture without borders, or in other words limitless opportunities to realize any ideas!  An undoubted advantage of using the company's products is the technological ease of installing, its "invisibility" and compliance with all necessary requirements of fire safety.